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Are you treating your skin to last a lifetime? We have all seen a car that never gets washed properly. Soon the
paint surface becomes damaged. Imagine if this were true about your skin care. Showing your best face every
day is something we all can easily do.

The first step in obtaining optimal skin care is to have a professional therapist such as Cecilia analyze your skin
to determine your skin type. Then you want to choose the correct skin care for you to receive the beauty benefits
that will really enhance your skin.

For example, if your skin is dry, you will require certain products that are different to oily skin. But no matter
what skin type you are, everyone needs basic care such as a cleanser, scrub, toner, mask and moisturizer.
Cleansers remove sticky sweat, dirt and even makeup leaving the skin surface with a fresh and clean feeling.

Scrubs should always be mild and gentle enough use daily. They stimulate circulation and cleanse
your pores which help prevent blackheads by efficiently removing the dead scaly outer most layer of your skin.
They also bring a glowing luster to your complexion and encourage new skin growth.

There are many types of masks but basically what they do for us is three-fold:

1. They extract dirt from deep within the skin preventing or eliminating blackheads and acne.
2. They nourish the skin by providing vitamins and minerals as well as blend color tone and sooth and moisturize.
3. They can also stimulate the deepest layer of your skin to create healthy new growth.

Your skin care products needs to contain several ingredients including: AHA, Aloe Vera, Collagen, Elastin,
Enzyme, Gingko, Ginseng, Placenta, as well as Vitamin A, B, C and E. You can find these ingredients in our products section.

Showing off your best face is simple and fun when you know the process and aren't you worth it?

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Why Cecilia?
Licensed Esthetician since 1996

Getting a facial by Cecilia is not only beneficial for my skin, it's always been a way to treat myself to a great pampering experience. Cecilia does a wonderful job of creating a very relaxing environment and her technique and touch show obvious skill and consideration for me personally. But the best part is that in addition to putting myself in the number one position on my long list for an hour or two, my skin ends up looking great, hydrated and glowing.
--Carolyn Henderson, OC California

I have been having facials for several years, but I have never been as pleased as I am now with the facials I get by Cecilia. She is always so willing to go the extra mile and makes sure that the treatment is unique to my own skin's needs. My husband is so pleased with the results that he encourages me to always keep my appointment!
--Beth Garlock, Santa Ana, CA

Having a facial treatment with Cecilia Fong feels like being on a magical vacation. She is truly gifted, both in her services as an esthetician, and in the ambiance she creates for her clients. My skin never looks better than when Cecilia works on me, and her skill and care is evident as she tailors my treatment to my specific skin needs. She makes sure the entire experience is rejuvenating; it is a true pleasure to come for her services, and I always leave relaxed and glowing! I would highly recommend Cecilia Fong's services to everyone.
--Jennifer Wilson, CA

Thank you for the wonderful facial session last month! I absolutely loved the Dermaplaning and the LED Light Therapy. The collagen Mask finished off and gave my face a smooth look, evening out some of my deeper lines. My pores seemed to diminished a little too ! I turned 50 years young in June and your treatments gave me a lift !!. I have given myself facial treatments my whole adult life, but I totally enjoyed being pampered. You have a great touch!! My makeup foundation goes on better too, without all that changes of life " Peach Fuzzy".

You're the Best. Can't wait for more.

--Kim Nitta, CA

I think Cecilia is so good at what she does. She is very knowledgeable about different skin types and knows exactly which treatment would work best on your skin. My skin looks so amazing, and I feel like I have such a healthy glow ever since my facial. I would recommend her to any and everyone. She is wonderful!

--Riley Olsen, CA

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