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About Cecilia

Q: Why did you get into the skin care business?

A: I used to have oily and blotchy skin myself, and I went to different skin care places for various facial treatments
to try to correct the problem. None of them helped me. Every time I went, the typical treatment was a deep
cleansing and possibly a mask - which did nothing for my skin problem. I had a friend at the time who sold
skin care products and wanted me to go to beauty school with her. I thought it was a good idea and that I could learn how to correct my own problem. Once I started the beauty school, I realized there are people out there have skin problems just like me that also needed help! So I decided to open my spa business to help clear up those problems so people could feel better about themselves

Q: What do you love about skin care?

A: Its always a joy for me to see my clients begin to feel and look better. I love helping people, and this work makes me feel like I have achieved something beneficial that improves people's lives. It's fulfilling for me and very rewarding.

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: After I passed the State Board Exam and received my esthetician license in 1996, I did not stop learning. I
continue to take advanced instructor training classes to continually improve myself and keep up with the current
technology. Recently, I took a two-day training program from a cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA for Pre- and Post-Surgery treatment.

Q: Why will people be happy if they choose your services?

A: I listen deeply to what my clients are concerned about. Then I develop an individual treatment plan for them to
achieve their goals in a gentle and yet very effective way. This includes a variety of skin problems such as: sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, aging skin, pigmentation and rough skin texture. I give and do whatever needs to happen in order to correct their problem in the shortest amount of time. Most often my clients see improvements in just one treatment.

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Why Cecilia?
Licensed Esthetician since 1996

Without exception my skin care experience with Cecilia is so beneficial. Not only do I enjoy Cecilia's expert facial, but I learn so many valued pointers regarding my personal skin care regimen. She is very professional as I enjoy the soothing, pampered-like ambience of her care.
I especially like her skin care products for they represent the finest with proven results. The detail to every aspect of superior facial texture is definitely Cecilia's trademark. I am convinced women need to get special treatment for themselves to really feel and look great, and I recommend Cecilia's services for looking stupendous and feeling terrific.
-- Arlene Steinart, Laguna Beach, CA

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