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Skin Care Testimonials

What a nice surprise, after visiting many world-famous spas in the US and Europe, to discover the very best facial I have ever experienced right in my owned backyard at Face and Body Care by Cecilia.

I have been to La Costa, Georgette Klinger in Beverly Hills, Cal-a-Vie (Where Oprah stole her chef Rosie), and
several New York resorts. While traveling cross the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth II (shades of the opulent Titanic), I was able to benefit from the pleasures of their luxury spa. In Europe I frequented the resorts in Monaco and Bade-Baden where the European aristocrats have historically gone to be pampered and to "take the cure." While I enjoyed these experiences, your treatments far surpassed any of the aforementioned.

Your technical knowledge regarding skin care coupled with your gift of "just the right touch," served to provide an
extremely relaxing facial as well as fantastic results. I was most impressed with your acupressure skills. You knewjust the right points to apply the pressure; I experienced tremendous muscle tension release and had a distinct sense of invigoration.

You are very knowledgeable about the various masks and knew exactly what would suit my particular needs. I had a great deal of confidence in the facial I was receiving because you discussed the various treatments and told me what they would serve to accomplish - what a refreshing approach! I was so impressed with the results when you presented me with a mirror to discover the new me. I looked and felt refreshed, relaxed, had a face with fewer lines and yes, I do believe I looked a bit younger.

You took the time to intelligently discuss the many specialty facial products you carry. It certainly beats a brief
discussion in the middle of a department store at the cosmetic counter with some young girl with less than six hours of training. I was so taken with the amount of research you've done regarding all the different skin care products and their ingredients. I pride myself on being a label reader; my problem was that I didn't know the difference between good ingredients and bad ones. To my amazement, the expensive products I have used for years (thinking I was pampering myself) actually contained some very harsh ingredients that were drying out my skin. One of the best aspects of your services was the wide variety of skin care products you carried so that you could suit the individual skin conditions of all your clients.

Thank you for my wonderful facial treatments and for educating me regarding which skin care products are best for my individual needs. You have wonderful day spa and provide fantastic facials with real results, both tangible and intangible.

Florence Webb

I have six children and forgot to pay attention to my face for many years while I was tending to their every need. I met Cecilia Fong in 2004 and she commented to me that my face looked a little dry. I went in and had my first facial from Cecilia then and I haven't stopped. She ALWAYS takes the extra time to make sure she provides the treatment I need each time I go in for my facials. I have gone to many other places to get facials, like on cruise ships and with my sisters� at other spa resorts, but no one has ever given so much time and attention to all the small details of what a really thorough facial should entail, except for Cecilia.

She makes sure to keep up on all the newest techniques in the industry, in order to make sure her clients are getting the best she can provide for them. She never fails to examine your skin each time before she works on it, and THEN suggest what would be the best treatment for your face that day. She also always adds a warm hand treatment along with her facials too. I LOVE this extra tender care and attention Cecilia pays to me.

Once I used a different facial product and it made my face break out and start to peel within the first couple of days. I went and showed Cecilia what had happened to me and she knew exactly what to do to fix the problem. I quickly took all those harmful products back to that store and got my money back. I will never use any other skin products, except for Cecilia's skin care line because I know she has researched very carefully to only use the best chemicals and ingredients in her line of skin care. I truly have enjoyed EVERY facial treatment I have ever received from Cecilia. I feel so relaxed, rejuvenated, and confident after her facial treatments.

Cecilia has also done my makeup after a few of my facials and my friends have always commented on how great I look. She is truly a master and artist at making people look and feel their best.

Thank you Cecilia,
Claralyn Palfreyman


I have been fortunate to be treatd to facials by Cecilia on a regular basis over the past few years. Facials by Cecilia are always a pleasant and relaxing experience. one is tucked in under warm sheets and blankets, the hands are treated with moisturizing cream and put into heat mittnee sso you will leave with soft and beautiful hands as well as a beautiful face.

Cecilia starts the facial by cleansing the face thoroughly with a variety of herproducts followed by a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage while she applies steam to the face.y facial usually also includes several special treatments. A couple of the treatments that have done wonders for may face are a microdermabrasion treatment whch removes dead skin cells and helps incrase collagen growth and a LED Light Therapy which gives my face an instant lift and smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines. Occasionally I have tried a Dermaplaning treatment where a surgical scalpel is used to exfoliate dead skin cells nad remove peach fuzz. This procedure has almost permanently removed any peach fuzz on my face.

Cecilia has a variety of facials available such as Enzyme Facial, Collegen Facila nad Lifting & Contour Facial. By the time Cecilia applies the mask to my face, I am so relaxed that I snooze.Cecilia gently awakes me by removing the mask and I feel renewed andrefreshed and my deep lines have been softened and my complexion has reginaed some of it's youthful radiance.

Ann Yen

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Why Cecilia?
Licensed Esthetician since 1996

SkincarebyCecilia is one of the best things I do for my self-care regimen. Cecilia just gave me a facial peel with LED Light Therapy.

I didn't know what to expect and was so pleased with how my skin felt and looked afterward. My skin tone was perfectly even and glowig. My fine lines already looked reduced. My pores are clean and my skin shining. It makes such an amazing difference in how I look and feel about my skin. I don't know about you, but after 50, that's a really good thing.

Thanks Cecilia, you're the best!
--Cathy Taylor, RSM, CA

If you want to be educated while being pampered, or be both refreshed and relaxed at once, visit SkinCare by Cecilia. The treatment begins with a consultation,  including an examination of your skin that reveals conditions such as sun damage, brown spots, dry and oily areas. Cecilia employs the most current processes and equipment, including her own line of skincare products.

"I especially enjoyed the LED Light Therapy. I could feel and even see my laugh lines and crows feet softened and my eyebrows and eyelids were lifted.

"Cecilia is calm, and never rushed. She provides
the little extra touches like a warm blanket, a hand massage, relaxing music, gentle hands and, especially, a generous heart."
-Clare Hellewell

"I have had so many different kinds of facials from all over the world, ranging from lush hotels with their European facials to a zen meditation Thai facial in Thailand. But little did I know that the best facial I'd ever have was right here in Laguna Beach!

I have always had a problem with dark spots and scars and you helped eliminate them with your "magic eraser" treatment. combined with your basic facial, my skin glowed and my complexion looked amazing. Not only that but the results lasted! I felt more confident to leave the house without makeup and talk to people without being concerned they were looking at my spots. Truly the best deal you will find anywhere with guaranteed results.

Thank you for helping me feel beautiful everyday!."
--Dagmarette Yen

I want to thank you so much for the facial I received last Friday. I am now over 60 years old and have only had three facials in my life. I must say the experience I had with your "light" machine was the best facial I have ever had. I noticed immediately the depth of my lines to be significantly lessened and many of them had just disappeared. Those pesky little lines that come off ones lips at my age to have been reduced to insignificant little parts of the lips. I find it fascinating how the light is able to make the skin so taught in so little time. I know your expertise had everything to do with the result also, it was not just the machine !!

I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting a good facial with results so immediate they will be as amazed as I was.
--Carolyn Rowland

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